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At Woodstock Homes, our approach looks to integrate sustainability into the very fabric of the homes and neighbourhoods we build to ensure that every residence we create has a positive and lasting impact. We take pride in crafting homes that combine innovative architecture with climate conscious practices prioritising energy efficiency, renewable materials, and thoughtful community planning.

Join us on the journey to a climate-resilient future, where sustainability is woven into every aspect of community life, from our homes and neighbourhoods to our business practices.


Our new homes are designed for improved energy efficiency, offering significant savings compared to older properties. As an HBH-accredited builder, we meet and endeavour to exceed sustainability standards to ensure your home is future-proof.

Every home comes standard with solar panels and air source heating, setting a new benchmark for sustainable living. New build homes use 55% less energy on average, which means lower energy bills and a reduced environmental impact. (Optional: According to the Home Builders Federation’s "Watt a Save" report from July 2023, owners of newly built homes save over £1,600 annually on energy bills.)

Choose a home that aligns with your values and embraces sustainable living.

Savings on Bills

The average new build home is powered by 57% less energy, cutting energy bills by up to £183 a month. That's an annual saving of almost £2,200 on new build houses.

EPC A/B Rating

New build homes are increasingly more energy efficient. Less than 5% of existing older properties achieve an A or B Energy Performance Certificate rating (EPC).

Carbon Emissions Reduced

The average new build home emits 1.33 tonnes of carbon per year, just 39% of that of the average older property, which emits an average of 3.51 tonnes per year.
* data provided by HBF "Watt a Save - Energy efficient new homes" report last updated April 2024

Sustainability Measures

Solar Panels

A clean source of electricity - Your own personal power station

EV Charging Points

Providing optimum charging for your sustainable vehicle choice

Air Source Heat Pumps

Providing a clean source of hot water and heating for your new home


Beyond energy efficiency, we embrace nature in our sustainability efforts and prioritise biodiversity from the earliest planning stages to deliver the mandatory 10% biodiversity net gain requirement on or near development sites.

Our mission to preserve biodiversity also includes integrating hedgehog runs into all developments. These pathways provide safe passage for hedgehogs amidst habitat loss and help to nurture a biodiverse future


Our dedication to sustainability extends beyond our homes to our operational practices. In partnership with award-winning sustainability consultancy Wanderlands, we're actively pursuing climate conscious strategies and pathways to achieve long-term goals for net zero.

The initial phase of our journey has included a comprehensive carbon audit and the implementation of climate actions targeting emission reductions in our operations, including transitioning to a renewable energy tariff and the adoption of homeworking practices to reduce business travel and commuting.

As we move forward, we'll refine our strategies, deepen our commitments, and set ambitious sustainability goals as we strive to address our environmental impact and contribute positively to our planet's future.

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